Leather Sofa Stain Repair

We take care of your furniture – Repairing and a removing all stains – providing a mobile leather sofa stain repair service.

Is your leather sofa starting to look tired and dirty ? scuffed here and there ? stains in places ? need leather repairs ? You Need Leather Sofa Repairs

Replacing is costly for a new quality suite today anything from £1,500 to £9,000 ” Why Replace When You Can Repair From £15 “

Below are some guide prices – Call 01482 976802 for exact prices on leather sofa stain repair

  • Leather Sofa Cleaning from £30
  • Leather Chair Cleaned  from £25
  • Full Leather Suite Cleaned from £75
  • Aniline Leather Cleaning from £55
  • Scuffs Repaired from £15
  • Tears Repairs from £15

We provide a comprehensive furniture care and repair package, keeping your leather in the best possible condition ever.

Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive care package for your leather sofa,  period !

We don’t just use any old products found on the internet or in a local shop or supermarket – We use only the best products in the world, that money can possibly buy – how do we know this – We make them !

With any leather sofa stain repair it’s not an easy job to remove stains, this is why you have come to the industry leading experts, as that our daily job, providing cutting edge technology in leather sofa stain repair.

Cleaning leather requires specialist cleaners, that you can’t buy in your local shop, these cleaners have been used by us for over 30 years, all items we have designed, go through six years of market research and testing, prior to being used in the public domain. Making sure we only use the best products in the world ever.